Shak for Lodi

After Shak was elected to the Lodi City Council in District 4 he began to deal with the issues our community is facing head-on. For far too long, the Eastside of Lodi had gone without. Shak changed that day one. 

As a long time resident of the Eastside of Lodi – District 4 – Shak knows how to be a council member who works hard to address the homeless problem. He has worked hand-in-hand with the City and local agencies work on real, long-term solutions. Shak is committed to boosting up assistance for those with substance abuse and mental health issues. He is working closely with the Lodi Police Department to provide them the needed resources to enforce laws to eliminate those who panhandle, loiter, or are under the influence in public.

As a former oversees US Army contractor, Shak understands the importance of working with local law enforcement. Using his experience, Shak will continue to work hard to make sure the LPD has the resources needs to address growing gang violence, drug problems, and keep Lodi safe.

Economic Development

The Eastside of Lodi has not received its fair share of city resources for many years.  We are too often overlooked for more affluent areas of our community.  As a small business owner who is redeveloping the old Roundhouse Tavern, I understand the importance of reinvesting in our city and bringing in not only small businesses who employ the majority of our workforce but also the manufacturing industry who can provide high-paying family-wage jobs.  When a person has a good-paying job, their families, our business, and our community all benefit.

A Diverse Voice

At 32 years-young, Shak is one of the youngest members of the Lodi City Council – ever. He is also the second Asian Pacific Islander to be elected to the City City Council. For far too long City Hall did not have a very diverse voice. In 2018, Lodi was required to go to district voting because there was a lack of diversity among our City Council. Shak grew up on the Eastside and understand our unique challenges and potential.  He brings his background as a small businessman, a military contractor, and community volunteer to City Hall to ensure everyone’s voice is heard.

Sustainable Growth

A healthy community grows in a healthy and sustainable way.  For too long, our city was stagnant and not forward-looking.  Recently, the pendulum has swung too far in the other direction and we are growing at a rapid rate.  I moved to this community because of our special small-town atmosphere.  We are in danger of losing our unique sense of self if we continue to build at such a pace.

Fiscal Responsibility

During the COVID 19 pandemic government budgets are stressed, and tough financial decisions have to be made.  As a small businessman, I know how to balance a budget and live within my means.  The government must do the same and must prioritize essential services without indebting our residents for years to come.

Public Safety

Every Lodi resident deserves to feel safe in their homes and free to travel in our community without fear.  Hiring police officers and firefighters is the top responsibility of our City Council.  We need more police on our streets and firefighters protecting our city.  As your Councilman, I will make your safety my top priority.


Homelessness is a growing problem in our community, and it has a negative impact on our quality of life.  Some just need a helping hand and a bridge toward self-sufficiency.  For these people, we need to reach out and provide resources to help get them back on their feet or reunite them with a support system like family and friends.  For those with substance abuse or mental health issues, we must provide programs that address their problems.  However, there are others who aggressively panhandle and are publicly intoxicated, high on drugs, and loiter in our parks and public places.  Those who commit crimes need the intervention of law enforcement.